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Susterra Capital Partners selects WaterScope Inc, as its flagship investment in water innovation! Budapest, October

We are happy to announce that our Smart Hydrant product has won Telenor's Special Sponsorship

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We are happy to announce the signature of a cooperation agreement with Process Automatika Ltd.

We are happy to announce the introduction of our brand new development, the Sensors2Net Smart

Dear Partners, We regret to inform you that due to the outbreak of the corona

Dear Partners, Introduction of our new „Smart Buoy” system, planned to take place on IoT

Dear Partners, We cordially invite you to Utility Expo 2020, where we shall introduce our

We are proud to announce the start of negotiations about implementing the unique Sensors2net system,

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WaterScope Inc. was participating in cooperation with ALX Hungary and HEPA (Hungarian Export Promotion Agency)

WaterScope Inc. is participating at REW 2019 Istanbul exhibition between 21 – 24 March, 2019.

After an initial meeting in November, 2018 a successful two-days WaterScope Workshop was organized in

A successful WaterScope workshop was organized in Rijeka, Croatia for representatives of 9 regional waterworks

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Professionals in water management, fish farm/acquaculture owners, engineering companies, laboratories and research centers – do

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Monitoring of water of Hungary’s favourite fish pond at Nőtincs is continuous now. Recent report

WaterScope Inc. is partincipating at 15th „Everything about water” expo in Delhi, India. The exhibition

WaterScope Inc. is a proud sponsor of the 6th Plastic Cup, this non-profit, non-governmental initiative,

Water of Hungary’s favourite fish pond at Nőtincs is being monitored by WaterScope as of

The new WaterScope Evaluation Platform was introduced with great success on IFA 2018 in Munich,

Europe's leading trade fair for management will take place in Munich, Germany between 14-18 May,

We are happy to annound that WaterScope Micro continuous online water monitoring system was successfully

SENSORS2NET – data collecting system by WaterScope Inc.

Sensors2Net is a wireless data collection and AI-based analytical system offering comprehensive services. The data on water quality, quantity, energy consumption, etc,. collected by the system, are evaulated by customized professional algorithms, which then provides information on efficiency and utilisation. Users may use this information for various purposes, such as to improve their quality control, increase efficiency, monitor production processes, apply predictive maintenance instead of cost and time consuming traditional servicing, comply with environmental regulations, etc.

Sensors2Net uses wireless technology to transmit  the sensors’ data from the measuring points to the server, where specially installed applications perform automated, Artificial Intelligence aided analyses. Elements of Sensors2Net are individually operating units, linked to standard systems, which responds to the challenges of Industry 4.0 on a high technological level.

The WaterScope Sensors2Net system is able to collect, transfer and process measurement data of following parameters:

  • Electric power input, electricity, supply voltage
  • water and air pressure
  • various temperatures: of machines, engines, indoor and outdoor places, furnaces
  • humidity
  • volume of water and other liquids
  • various physical and chemical parameters of water (pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, CO2, flow, ORP)
  • weight or level measurement of different chemicals’ containers
  • colorimetry
  • sensor supervision and logging (of gates, doors, etc.)

Advantages of WaterScope Sensors2Net system

  • Easy and fast installation even at geographically scattered locations with poor infrastructure
  • Minimal cabling demand, no need of electric switch cabinet
  • Wireless data collection and transfer on high security level
  • Simultaneous handling of large number of sensors within as far as 10 kms
  • Lower operating costs compared to those of the currently used GSM systems
  • Cost efficient operation, low maintenance requirements
  • Server-side data processing with expert algorithms and AI data analysis
  • Scalable technical solutions adjusted to the customer’s needs
  • Suitable to set up precise, modern and standardized measuring systems
  • Simple data export through Easy Report solutions
  • Teachable system with ever-expanding individual database



Data collection and transmission from sensors to server, data storage, customized display, users’ management.


Warning signals and alarms in email, automatic reports in CSV, Excel or other standard formats.


Artificial or Business Intelligence aided data and trend analysis, automatic reporting on utilisation and maintenance support, energy consumption and pressure management support.

Additional services

Trainings, custom developed applications, integration of adaptable smart systems, know-how and professional consultancy.



Today still millions of m3 of water disappear between the wells and the faucets, causing significant losses and high operating costs for water suppliers. Rationalisation of expenditure has entered a new phase, as traditional cost saving methods have not brought major breakthrough. We need solutions, using state-of-the-art technology.

Continuous monitoring of consumption data, network pressure and trend of this pressure, together with Sensors2Net Smart Hydrant system, represent a solution, which uses wireless technology to collect data from pre-determined measuring points of the network and transfer them to the server.

The data, arrived to the server, can be analyzed both with several traditional methods and with Business or Artificial Intelligence. Values of the analysis can be used to set optimal pressure, measure water pressure of distribution network, handle customer claims, even discover sudden changes or loss of pressure or thefts.


Regular inspection of the wastewater lifting plants and pumps and their scheduled periodic maintenance are the operator’s responsibility. If an unexpected event occurs and the pump needs to be repaired, the operator may face a longer shutdown. In many cases majority of failures could be avoided by applying proper monitoring technology.

Sensors2Net system continuously monitors operation of the pumps, their energy consumption, pressure, delivered quantity of water, and transmits these data to the server. It can be installed in and used with already existing shafts as well. Through processing the data transmitted wirelessly by Sensors2Net, the maintenance processes can be optimized and the former preventive maintenance – whether or not it was necessary – can be replaced by predictive maintenance. This way failures can be avoided and maintenance works will be more efficient; number of misfunctions decreases while operational safety increases.


Wastewater technology is a complex system, where each step requires precise measurements, starting with power consumption and chemicals’ level, from physical and chemical parameters of the different phases to the quality of incoming and outgoing wastewater. Wastewater plants are usually located on a large area and the sensors must be installed in places, being far away from each other within the plant. Cost of cabling and software modification is high, not mentioning the need of PLC expansion.

Sensors2Net continuously collects and transfers data with its easy-to-install wireless communication system without costly cabling or GSM subsctiption or even without internet usage if communication goes through customer’s own internal network. The LoRaWAN network, used by Sensors2Net, transmits data from the end point to the server with the help of a gateway, using internet or intranet network. The process requires low cost but provides high efficiency. Users can see the results, diagrams and analyses on an interface customized to their needs.


It is difficult to comply with the strict refrigeration technology requirements by using the traditional methods. Cold storage rooms are usually scattered around several buildings and facilities, most of the time far from each other with weak, disrupted or not available at all GSM service. Operators face difficulties to keep HACCP rules and optimize maintenance tasks, while coping with labour shortage and ensuring problem-free functioning.

Sensors2Net system is suitable to monitor cold stores’ different parameters: temperature, humidity, energy supply, condition of compressors.

The operator is informed in a timely manner about changes that indicate a failure in the refrigeration system; planned maintenance can be replaced by condition-based maintenance and damages arising from failures can be prevented. Operation of the cold stores will be more secure, maintenance will be predictable, cost efficient and of higher quality.


Aquaculture is one of the fastest growing food industry sectors in the world. About half of the fish consumed by the world’s population comes from fish farms. The sector’s activity is regulated by strict quality, health and environmental standards. By now, continuous monitoring of the water quality of fish ponds and mussel farms has become such an expected service, importance of which is recognised by more and more farmers.

The Sensors2Net Smart Buoy measures water of aquacultures on site and in real time. By following physical and chemical parameters of the water, it is possible to forecast the appearance of algae bloom. The Artificial Intelligence supported trend analysis of the data enables users to make necessary preventive steps to avoid costly remediation of fish kills. It also helps maintain efficient operation of aquacultures’ pumps and other technical equipment’s.


Can a fisherman decide, based on water quality, what equipment to bring for fishing on a given day? What bait he should use to catch fish? Does the number of algae influence the fishes’ appetite? Is it important to know, what weather conditions can be expected at the fish pond? Yes, he can and it does. And yes, it is important.

Sensors2Net Smart Buoy can be used to check the water quality of the fish pond and its immediate environment. The rate of dissolved oxygen, pH of the water, temperature of the water off the shores, wind speed or sunlight intensity are all factors that have an influence on the fishes’ behaviour, on what type of food they are looking for, how full they are, and how intensively they swim in the water.

The collected local data can be shared on social media, so fishermen get valuable information on what to expect in terms of fish behaviour and and to prepare for a good catch. The operator of the pond can expect more visitors, can prevent any potential adverse changes in water quality and identify the actions necessary to maintain good water quality.


Several independent measurements at a single location or many measuring points at great distances from each other? By using Sensors2Net, data collection is continuous and logging these data ensures that they can be retrieved, analysed and visualized in any complex system.

Sensors2Net Smart Node possesses eight analogue sensor inputs and one Modbus/RS 485 input. It allows the connection of 8 analogue sensors and 8 various digital data input. The system is capable to manage simultaneously several hundreds or thousands of S2N Smart Nodes, should they be on a large area, in an industrial park or in in single or multiple industrial halls. It can collect and transfer operational parameters of the equipments, qualitative and quantitative data of incoming water and outgoing wastewater. With the help of the data collected and stored, production can be planned, manufacturing costs can be calculated, quality assurance data can be generated, operational costs can be decreased.  


The sensors made in the United States of America and measuring different parameters of the water are suitable for measuring both in laboratories or on the field. If needed, entire measuring and data collection systems can also be ordered for the sensors, including individual designs. The sensors can be connected to individually developed electronic devices with customized display and with standard industrial IT outlets.

Sensors can be ordered separately or as part of the Sensors2Net wireless data collection and transmission system. For more details, please contact our staff.


When establishing WaterScope International Inc. in February 2016, our aim was to implement and promote new and innovative technologies and to build an internationally recognised brand that is known all over the world and serves to our customers’ satisfaction.

The founders have decades of experience in water industry as well as in the development and manufacturing process of innovative products. Members of the team worked in successful start-up companies, where they helped develop exciting new products and launch them on the international market.

Players of the water industry face new challenges posed by the latest industrial achievements, new methods of measuring, data collection and data analysis, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, data visualisation and trend analysis.

We work in close cooperation with our partners offering customized solutions, showing advanced technology, optimizing existing processes and helping them reduce costs.

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