Areas Of Application

Water and Wastewater Works

Ensuring the effluent’s quality is a legal obligation of all public utility providers. WaterScope is the perfect tool to monitor the biological compliance of the treated water. As WaterScope takes the samples on-site, directly from the water flow it continuously ensures real time data. The fully automated process eliminates the need of qualified microbiologists to evaluate the results. The reports generated by WaterScope enables utility provider to adjust its process to the seasonal changes. Using WaterScope results in time and cost savings.

Surface Waters
Fish Farms

Maintaining the fragile balance of the ecosystem of surface water is a burning environmental issue. Such as natural surface waters fish farms are also vulnerable by any unexpected growth of algae or poisoning. Based on the detailed reports generated by WaterScope immediate intervention is possible in case of changes in the ecosystem. Healthy water means higher quality fishes and cost efficient operation of fish farms.

Process Water in Food Industry
Industrial Water

The quality of the process water is crucial in the food industry. At each process steps where the water interacts with the end product operators must avoid any potential contamination. Biological monitoring of the process water highly contributes to the safety of the production. WaterScope is a cost efficient solution. Its operation doesn’t require any special skills, intervention is only required in case of emergency which is signalled by an automated alarm function.

Research Centers and Laboratories

Water testing laboratories can highly increase their efficiency by installing WaterScope at their clients’ and collecting the data online. Using the historical reports laboratories’ experts can provide additional services to their client by recommending fine tuning of the process. Research centres and universities will find WaterScope as an outstanding tool for studying the water microscopically.