Introduction of Waterscope Micro

WaterScope Micro has been especially designed and developed to recognize microorganisms ( e.g. algae species, iron bacteria) as small as 5 µm-150 µm. Based on the morphology, colour and size of the organisms WaterScope Micro classifies all identified creatures. „Waterscope Micro” is equipped with a dipslay to follow easier operational. WaterScope Micro is the perfect biological monitoring tool for freshwater or seawater plankton.

WaterScope Micro

Onsite and table-top device
Typical organisms: algae species, iron bacteria, some funghi species
Analyzed volume: 1-2 ml/hour
Size of recognizable objects: 5-150 µm
Method of analysis: morphological and colour
Display: customized
Early warning: email, sms, web
Data connection: LAN, WAN, m bus
Size: 400x250x600 mm


Introduction of Waterscope Macro

WaterScope Mono has been designed for continuous biological water monitoring.
The device easily integrates into any existing monitoring system and provides real time information on the nature and concentration of the microorganisms up to every 20 minutes. WaterScope Mono recognizes the microorganisms based on their morphology in a size range from 50 µm to 300 µm. Waterscope Mono is equipped with a display to follow easier operational.

WaterScope Macro 

Onsite device
Typical organisms: unicellular and multicellular organisms (worms, nematodes, flagellata, rotifers) giardia and cryptosporidium – under development
Analyzed volume: 1,5-2 l/hour
Size of recognizable objects: 50-300 µm
Method of analysis: morphological
Display: customized
Early warning: email, sms, web
Data connection: LAN, WAN, m bus
Size: 400x250x600 mm


Waterscope advantages

Real Time Monitoring
WaterScope makes sure that you don’t lose time with sampling and distant laboratory analysis. As the water flows through the device you can have accurate data on the water’s microorganisms content even at every 20 minutes. Real time monitoring enables immediate intervention in case of anomaly is recognized. More over WaterScope’s user-friendly reports are easy to analyse, even onsite employees can ensure biological water monitoring.
Reliable Data
The recognition and classification of microorganisms in the water requires experienced laboratory personnel. As the expert takes the samples one by one fatigue can take over him. WaterScope doesn’t make any mistakes as the high performance inbuilt computer compares each creature to the database based on its shape and size. Thanks to this method WaterScope not simply recognizes the microorganisms in the water but also classifies and counts them.
Automated Process
Traditionally samples were taken on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and transported for analysis in specialized laboratories. This process is time and resources demanding. WaterScope offers a fully automated microbiological water monitoring solution from the sampling until the reporting step. Automation of the monitoring includes alarm system as well in case of non-conformity is found.
Online Access and Alarm
Through the internet WaterScope data are accessible even remotely. Operators can follow the monitoring at any time without being obliged to stay at the site. The automated alarm system enables immediate actions in case of any accident such as poisoning and by this way avoids further damages.
Low Maintenance Requirements
WaterScope microbiological water monitoring reports have a unique format and are automatically stored on the central computer of the device. Reports are ready to be used for statistical and analytical purposes. Knowing periodical changes in the water enables planning ahead.
Easy Integration

WaterScope is designed to easily integrate into monitoring systems already in place. WaterScope brings additional monitoring capacity to conventional water microscopy.

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