Biological background

The examination of water by microscopy is an ancent method. To know what organisms are in water is very important especially in surface water like sea water, brakish water or fresh water; in drinking water as well. On the base of knowing the microscopic organisms in water the ecological quality, status can be determined. The more diverse is the composition of fito plankton or zoo plankton the more healthy is the water quality in the questionable surface water. The water pollution caused by human beings has resulted the eutrophication which means a huge amount of the nutrients piled up in waters good for fito plankton proliferation. More and more algal blooms occur worldwide when only a few or one-two main taxa cause huge biomass especially toxin producing blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) or dynoflagellates. Such quality of surface water makes impossible to use them as a drinking water source water or recreational use like bathing, swimming or in fish ponds to produce healthy fish flesh. Presently the physical and chemical parameters of water quality are measured on-line continuously however the biological components of water can be determined manually, time consuming mode like microscopy. WaterScope makes the microscopical procedure automatically, makes images of plankton organisms, classifies and enumerates them automatically. It makes possible to send early warning signals when potentially toxic microorganisms appear in water.

Recognizable microorganisms

Recognizable microorganisms (WaterScope Micro 5 – 150 µm) 
1. Acutodesmus sp 
2. Anabaena sp
2.a Anabaena circinalis 
2.b Anabaena solitaria 
3. Ankistrodesmus sp
4. Aphanizomenon sp 
5. Centric diatoms (Centrales) sp 
6. Coelastrum sp 
7. Cyanobacteria coenobia 
8. Cylindrospermopsis sp
9. Desmodesmus sp 
10. Euglena sp 
11. Lyngbya sp
12. Microcystis sp 
13. Monoraphidium sp

Recognizable microorganisms (WaterScope Macro 50 – 300 µm)
1. Nematodes (Adenophorea)
2. Rotifers (Monogononta)

Images, generated by Waterscope

Cyanobacteria – Blue-green algae


Euglena sp

Green algae