About us

WaterScope International Inc. was founded in February 2016. Prior to founding WaterScope, the team spent years researching different solutions and developing the current line of equipment. Our founder and CEO has 10+ years experience with water management. After realizing that current monitoring systems are not utilizing the technical capabilities of modern imaging technologies, the team set out to create a new microbiological monitoring system.

The target was to build a well-known and internationally acknowledged high-tech brand that is appreciated and utilized by satisfied end-users around the world.

The result, Waterscope online continuous water monitoring system, combines the possibilities in holographic imaging and artificial intelligence based morphological recognition. The AI aided algorithm provides scalability and a huge pool of patterns available to our clients. Besides recognizing standard microbiological forms, the system can be taught to identify new forms as well that are unique to customer’s waters only.

Our team is built on decades of microbiological and water utilities and environmental industry experience. Team members have built different startups and brought these to successful exits.

Development and production department oversees technical and microbiological development. The continuous search for new and innovative technical solutions ensures that the final product meets the requirements of shareholders and customers.

Sales and marketing department handles domestic and foreign trade and manages national and international business partners’ cooperation. The team organizes trainings to partners and/or distributors and supports their presence in the market. The regularly shared customer experiences are based on feedback, deriving from pilot projects, test operations and real and effective use of the device.

Technical and trade development unit concentrates on new opportunities for professional and commercial cooperation with Hungarian and foreign companies, R&D&I projects, pilot testings and other types of collaboration, opening up new  perspectives for the product and company.

The team of Waterscope wants to change how we see water today. We aim to digitize water, and provide  online, fast, relevant information on quality of your water, irrespective of its location.

Waterscope was awarded innovation grants from various European agencies and is supported by different investment funds.

We digitize water.